iStock_000011364007XSmall-pDid you know Bookcliff Gardens offers professional landscape design and installation services? This includes planting and delivery services also.

The planting crews at Bookcliff Gardens are trained landscape technicians.  Our goal is to ensure proper installation of your trees and shrubs.  After your purchase, we will put you into the planting schedule. If it becomes necessary to change, we will call you ahead of time and reschedule.

The planting crew typically consists of two planting technicians. Labor for the first man is billed at the rate of $55.00 per hour and the second is billed at $45.00 per hour for a total of $100.00 per hour for a two man crew. The time billed for labor starts from the point of loading or leaving the previous job location to the time when the crew is leaving your residence. There is a generally a minimum charge of $100.00 for labor.

If you have any questions or changes regarding your planting, call our garden center at 242-7766.

We much prefer that you are present at planting, however, if you will not be there, we need to know the exact location of where you want the plant placed. Talk to the sales person about this when your planting is being scheduled. 

Regarding the location of your planting, pay special attention to your underground sprinkler system and utilities.  We will do our best to avoid damage to any buried lines; however, we do find them occasionally.  We will repair them immediately, however, you will be billed for the time and materials used to repair the damage.

Our crews will install your plants to the following guidelines:

  • The planting hole width will be twice the width of the container the plant comes in, or 8”-12” larger than the rootball of a B&B tree.  The hole will be dug 1”-2” shallower than the depth of the root ball of the plant.
  • We will incorporate amendment and root stimulator to the planting.  You will be billed for the actual amount used in installing your plant. 
  • We recommend staking most trees after planting.  An additional $27.50 per tree will be charged for staking materials.  We recommend that you remove the stakes after one year.
  • Trees that are planted in a lawn area will be left with a 12” ring around the tree free of turf.  This helps prevent damage to the base of the tree from lawn mowers and string trimmers.
  • We will water the plant at the time of planting.